applied to join the project selection, project quality, hot market. Small business to choose Heng-Jie IKEA integrated environmental protection wall? A new choice of real environmental protection. The investment cost is small, but the profit space is big. Small business to choose honsjet IKEA integrated environmental protection project is on the wall!

Heng Jie IKEA is an independent property rights of innovative technology companies. The company continues to introduce foreign advanced R & D and production technology, independent research and development, independent production, continuous innovation, determined to become China’s integrated ecological service provider


honsjet IKEA environmental protection integrated wall wall, wall breaking different your limitations, intelligent lock, module, blank wall paint, not without scraping, bare wall, straight time and fee. Do not need professional operation, just a woodworking type, a process can be completed.


IKEA to "create a green Home Furnishing" as the enterprise mission, with the natural bamboo fiber as basic material, green environmental protection, no pollution, is welcomed by the modern people, widely used in home, office, leisure, entertainment, hotels, factories, schools and other public environment and home environment.

How to join

Heng-Jie IKEA environmental integrated wall? To create a good home environment is really very important. If you to join honsjet IKEA environmental protection wall integrated project, which is very exciting. Come and leave a message!

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