many farmers think they are in the countryside, a lack of money, two did not have the ability, can only rely on a few acres of land to maintain food and clothing, to get rich for them as if they can never achieve the dream. However, this is also a farmer born he was with smart brain and hands on arbutus, build up the family fortunes. Jianyang City Tong you Shui Wei Cun street Chini homespun natural village population of less than 100 people, has an extraordinary rich hotshot, his name is Cao Zongcheng, 53 years old this year.

Chini mountain and a piece of cloth belonging to the village collective Yangmeishan, because of the lack of management, growth has been good, the village to the villagers repeatedly proposed to contract management, has been No one shows any interest in. For the benefit of the village collective, Cao Zongcheng wrapped the mountain. In the dusk Cao Zongcheng care, this piece of the mountain in less than two years has changed, bayberry as long as possible, although last year’s drought, but still yielded fruitful results, Cao Zongcheng won nearly 3000 yuan income.

mountain open space, less contact with the outside world, the spread of disease less channels, suitable for chicken. 1>

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