the old man will cash and passbook hidden in the home box, unexpectedly 40 thousand yuan by ants to eat. The old man faced with a piece of paper out of the mood to cry without tears. Remind the masses do not store large amounts of cash in the home, to avoid improper preservation.

1 10 July, Fujian Nanping Rao lady Xia Dao Zhen bottom pressure of more than 4 yuan in cash and two bank passbook suddenly disappeared, she hastened to think the stolen Summer Road police station. After the police investigation found that "stolen" go property was ant lady.

the understanding, "Rao Po home theft is not 4 thousand yuan, but 40 thousand yuan, for fear that her family blame, Rao misrepresented the amount of cash. Lady Rao also said that these 40 thousand yuan of money and passbook in recent years is the child to her pension money, because there is a surplus of keep down.

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