entrepreneurship has become a social topic, there are many social concern, there are many social forces to help college students’ entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, the entrepreneurial college students to know how to seize this good opportunity.

"I can also do a translation company!" Yang Yu was the first Internet Conference volunteers for small language training in Hangzhou’s broad market with full confidence. In the eyes of the 95, entrepreneurship, said dry do.

from the State encourages public entrepreneurship, innovation, all levels of government to support the introduction of relevant policies, entrepreneurship is more simple". Zhejiang is a hot spot for entrepreneurial innovation, Ma Yun, the legend of the type of Ding Lei so many young people, especially college students, college students have become an entrepreneurial force, by the great encouragement and concern.

The Ministry of Education issued

How to

our province university graduates

entrepreneurship rate over 5%

at the Wenzhou University, there are 54 teams like Ding Mingyue entrepreneurial team, the number of students involved in the business of nearly 600 people. They are scattered in various departments, but have the same idea – entrepreneurship. After centralized selection, and now they are receiving targeted training institute. In June this year, they will hand over a copy of the business plan and business achievements.

backed obligations commodity market platform, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College has established the business school in 2009, actively promote entrepreneurship. The school also set up the country’s first "in the boss professional", is worthy of the name "the first person to eat crab". Currently, the college students around 8000, of which the application was transferred to the entrepreneurial College of 1000. The implementation of the Institute of curriculum credit replacement, there are special business mentor for students to teach training.

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