in life, there are a lot of friends will put their money into financial companies, hoping to earn a little interest. However, a large number of financial companies on the market, there are many companies due to poor management, or malicious illegal fund-raising, causing serious losses to investors. Let’s take a look at Mr. Lee’s story.

yesterday, who lives in Chaoyang District Lee told reporters that his last year in Beijing in the poly win Cci Capital Ltd investment project has expired, but was told not to cash, someone can not contact the company responsible person. Reporter visited found that the company has been in arrears of rent of 30 Yu Tian, and the shareholders can not be contacted, more than investment in employee related matters in the company. In addition, the reporter also found that there are loopholes in the relevant documents of the investment project.

investment 150 thousand after the expiration of principal and interest can not cash


is 62 years old this year. Last November, he met several times in Shuangjing subway station near Beijing Zhongcai Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "poly win win in poly") of the clerk, the other times he to distribute leaflets, saying the company has a financial business, half interest 13%. "Help, you have extra money to invest a little, we earn some performance." The clerk said to Lee, the investment period can choose 3 months, six months, one year, the maximum interest rate of 16%.

soon after, Mr. Lee signed a contract with the salesman, investment 150 thousand. "In the poly win" commitment to him to pay 13% interest per month, half a year after the return of principal and interest. The other side also told him that the company will pay interest and principal on time, he said, but also on behalf of the compensation." Mr Lee said.

Lee said that the salesman promised him that in May 16th this year due to return the principal and interest, but did not cash.

5 month 18 days, "in the poly win" to show Mr. Li’s investment "to" Shu "said," because of the impact of public opinion recently suffered persistent P2P industry high risk, as well as the company’s business Deputy General suddenly lost contact, causing many customers to advance payment, and have a certain impact on the company’s business, resulting in the company recently cash is tight, not normal payment."

, the document said, is currently accounting for all assets and all loan products due payment. After the completion of the accounting, will be completed within 3 months of existing customer payment.


document also said, "has been set up to honor the work group, team leader is the person surnamed Yan, reporters try to call the phone, always prompt shutdown.

salesman told Mr. Lee, a total of more than 100 customers are unable to cash problems, "more than two million, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of small." Lixianjian

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