since the operation of the cigarette business, naturally hope that cigarette sales are getting higher and higher, however, want to achieve such a goal, naturally need to grasp more business skills. So, how to manage a good cigarette sales? I think it is important to choose a good time to hoard more. Therefore, stealing cigarettes to operate to seize the "4".

called the 4 one is to seize the new year’s Day January 1, Spring Festival New Year’s day, labor day, may day, National Day golden week, eleven". Only in the right time, the use of promotional policies conducive to the operation, so that targeted, high-grade tobacco can be achieved quickly out of stock. The sale of high-grade cigarettes returned to the funds for the purchase of cigarettes and other goods into the back to provide a material basis and power source.

every December, I used not for cigarettes or tobacco into the attitude of the remaining inventory as soon as possible to digest in the home, hoarding the capital to fully respond to the new year’s day put the smoke set for storm. New year’s Day cigarette promotions are the biggest, for this set of cigarettes, I will pour all funds.

The last cigarette booking is essential

before the Spring Festival, the tobacco companies will soon leave, repeat the smoke to wait until after the Lantern Festival, to ensure that there are more than two weeks the best-selling cigarette cigarette sales, I have to do is do how much, once again to participate in the largest promotional activities.

is usually "51" International Labor Day tobacco side is no big activity. The rural environment and occupying the partial reasons, this time my cigarette sales is not very strong, but the smoke should also be appropriate to prepare some inventory. The "51" Labor Day is also regarded as the businessman’s "small" large.

people used to be happy wedding arrangements in the "eleven" National Day golden week, there is a good wishes and in celebration of the two golden week units all have to leave school, many people crowded, a festive figure. Tobacco companies will stop to visit a week of smoke, so we have to catch the retailer at the end of September prepared the national day seven day of smoke, especially the high-grade wedding tight with smoke.

almost every special time for cigarette demand is very large, and for the owner, only to grasp the four "one", will do the cigarette sales business, let the market more and more, its profits are growing. So, if you’re a cigarette maker, do you know how to improve your cigarette sales?

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