now because of the employment environment is relatively poor, so college students graduate unemployment, then to entrepreneurship has become a normalization mode, at the same time, there are some college students are also low in their figure, has become an ordinary entrepreneurs.


to Wuhan to get a graduation certificate and rushed back with 60, hawkers vulnerable. Welcome "bestie small seafood", high quality and inexpensive, 10 yuan a 60! Yes, as long as 10 yuan, you heard me! There are free mung bean soup oh.

"60 after the deposit is not fresh, now we only 20 pounds per day. Unexpectedly, the business is good, every one or two hours sold out." Zhang Shiwei said yesterday afternoon, they went out to stall 5:30. "We have a lot of weight, the price is cheaper than the urban areas, a lot of people passing by when a home with a meal as a dinner."

to stall the name "good gay friend," Zhang Shiwei explained, this is a network of popular words, can attract people. But the partner Li Pei does not like, think the name is too tacky". Yesterday, Zhang Shiwei high school alma mater, a primary school brother, micro-blog learned that they set up shop in the business, specifically for them to make a poster. "Primary school brother cute, we want to fry two 60 to thank him, he also don’t say what."


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