has stabilized the product in the market, although it is not propaganda can have a good sale, but the market is also very transparent, profits can be described as clear. Therefore, for any one shop, if there are new products, are naturally willing to enter some new products. And every new product from the market to be accepted by consumers need to have a gradual process. The author believes that retail customers in order to enhance the quality of consumer awareness and recognition of new products, the new product should be different from person to person.

first, to be familiar with their new store. Each product has its own selling points and market demand, retail customers can understand new products in a timely manner through the client manager, and other channels of knowledge, cultural connotation and brand features, consumer demand, be familiar with the brand, in order to promote targeted.

secondly, to identify new positioning. In general, each consumer has its own favorite brands and consumer grade. Retail customers in the promotion of new products should be combined with the new price and product type, to the same level of consumers are introduced. Only identify the brand and consumer positioning, in order to effectively improve the success rate of introduction.

finally, focus on cultivating target consumers. Some consumers can play a better role in the new radiation. Therefore, for the new brand, especially in the cultivation of high-end brands, should identify and nurture their own shops such consumers. This will not only enhance the level of cigarette sales and profitability, but also enhance the market awareness and brand recognition of new products.

stores in the new, you want to make these new products faster and sell to the store to bring greater profit, shopkeepers need to be able to master the correct business strategy, it really can make a better marketing of new products. So, if you are a shopkeeper, you are now in the shop also has a new product, you know how to promote it?

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