Korean rise in China so that many investors in which to find opportunities to get rich wireless, such as Korean cuisine in China by consumers. With the drama in the domestic film, South Korea’s diet in the domestic hot up, so many investors are going to open a Korean restaurant, so you know what Chinese favorite Korean cuisine? Do you know how to choose the dishes to make you popular Korean restaurant? I’ll take you here, see a look at some popular Korean dishes in china.

, gimbap

put a layer of rice in the seaweed after adding carrots, eggs, artificial crab meat, spinach and other 4 to 5 kinds of materials after the roll, and then used to cut into small pieces of food. What kind of snacks for South Korea in Chinese do small business? In addition to the board, and a mini gimbap. One, it is very convenient to eat.

two, fish meal

in Korea, the most attractive is the delicious fish meal and fish soup. Taste the original taste of seafood fish meal, fish meal, fish meal on pepper, fried cake and other kinds of ordinary soy sauce, edible juice.

three, kimchi

kimchi contains the Korean national spirit, is a new generation of Korean nouns. Korean snacks are suitable for doing business in China, Korean meal can not be separated from kimchi, which is not the status of the diet can not be subversive, there is no substitute for food.

four, Mini Pizza

in the oven on the grinding tool to add flour and vegetables, popular high leg, seasoning and cheese, etc., the size of only ordinary pizza 1/4, because it is relatively small, it is very suitable for sale in the street.

only advance understanding of what you want, can provide for them, if you want to invest in Korean cuisine, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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