for the children’s education, many parents are strenuous effort, in Hefei is also the case. More good schools, more beautiful ecology, more convenient transportation, more comfortable home life, Luyang District focused on 29 key projects yesterday, with a total investment of 29 billion 920 million yuan.


school district room recently once again become popular vocabulary, has abundant educational resources in Luyang District, this year will further expand the pre-school education, compulsory education layout plan, building a number of schools, most of the new school in 2019 will be the focus of school.

included in the new plan of pre-school education involving a total of ten kindergartens, all projects will add 111 classes, 3430 degrees; some of which are public gardens, the total investment of $180 million. The Anqing Road branch, Suzhou Road Kindergarten footpath Peach Lake Park, Rongcheng town kindergarten kindergarten of Lishui Park, municipal authorities kindergarten in Riverside Park, four West kindergarten forest city park and Anqing City Light Road Kindergarten Park, Changjiang Road Kindergarten Beijing Fuzhou flower park, double Gang Xiao ran kindergarten in the park, Pine Road, Ying Hui Hua county kindergarten kindergarten.

compulsory education also has a good melody, the rise of the central Four Mile River area will be supporting a lot of schools, the reporter noted that the new four primary schools all around the area.

the old schools Yonghong Road Primary School, the new off-site, which is the dynamic since the school in 2015 to stop enrollment most attention. Yingsong Road Primary School, primary school four Qingyuan Road along the river road layout, Yingsong Road Primary School is located in the four River Road and Yingsong Road intersection southwest corner, star school west, planning the scale of 24 classes, the new building area of 24000 square meters, Qingyuan Road Primary School is located in the northwest of the four River Road and Qingyuan Road planning angle, the scale of 36 classes, plans to build the building area of 25000 square meters. In addition, Linquan Road West, agricultural road and four river road northwest corner also plans to build a new Linquan Road Primary School, the planning of the size of the 36 classes, plans to build a new school building area of 25000 square meters. These schools are scheduled to be completed in June 2019.

friends in Hefei know that Luyang has more good schools, educational resources have been well received by the people. At the same time, the Hefei youth quality education base project will be located in Luyang District, the project is located in the north, in the southern city of three Yang Gang Lu Road, covers an area of 120 mu, building area of 87 thousand square meters.

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