food market, there are two voices, one is the Innovation: we should create a unique brand of food and beverage, to come up with their own characteristics in order to attract consumer attention. At the moment the traditionalist: the good things of the tradition must be preserved, and the reputation of those innovations has been recognized. What the hell is going on? Join the characteristic chain restaurant really no market prospects?

restaurant is a distinct theme around a certain period of time, regional character, culture and art, local customs and practices, religion, mythology, menu design services and programs, create atmosphere, to meet the diverse needs of the guests dining, and tries to establish a unique image in the public restaurant.

features a restaurant called "restaurant", is the product of a certain stage of development, spread to the food culture, with distinctive geography, history, culture, religion and other cultural characteristics, is the food production level and management principle of enterprise representatives, reflects the management philosophy and the market keen feeling. The theme of the restaurant is bright and wide, and it can be used in different periods, different countries, different regions of the historical figures, culture and art, customs, religious beliefs, lifestyle, etc.. In addition, the characteristics of the restaurant environment and atmosphere is one of the important factors to attract customers to come to consumption. For example, beer restaurant is of Bavaria style, to give people a sense of quiet and comfortable elegant Japanese restaurant, music themed restaurants, luxurious and elegant environment of the restaurant, abalone, stone rock pork, Brazil barbecue restaurant etc..

joined the chain of food and beverage market prospects?

is now the young people love eating out, according to the relevant reports, Guangzhou found that many consumers love about the friends outside the home, especially young chowhound total have two or three days a week at night to go home for dinner. Work in a company of young white-collar Xiao Xu is a typical 80, said he is now in the workplace business period, the job is busy, don’t have too much time to cook, especially in the past two years, more entertainment, home on time was less, even occasionally to work on time, will and his wife go out to eat. Therefore, three meals a day, basically most of the time is to soak in a restaurant. A little around homes restaurants, are basically two chibian.

Shen is 70, every week at home to eat a meal 2~3, other times are basically out of the room, mainly because of the relationship between work and entertainment. The same as 70 after the media man Luo, in the past two years with the increase in the number of work and entertainment, the number of dining out increased by almost 100%, almost half of the year is outside eating.

just graduated from 90 Xiao Wu, to eat more attention and love to pursue, once you know what the new restaurant opened, will go to make friends with congenial persons to taste fresh, is.

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