in the end when it is suitable for entrepreneurship, which is a lot of entrepreneurs are very concerned about the problem. There have been more than and 10 years of entrepreneurship in the same industry, the eldest brother asked me, suitable for the age of entrepreneurship is a few years old, my answer is around the age of twenty-eight, he said he thought the same as me.

why is this age? In addition also has a young tail, I think at that time, most people may have graduated a few years, some work experience and contacts, with a little savings, have a certain professional ability, then start planning I think is very appropriate, of course, there are a lot of people may start at a younger age, like me.

I started the gem this year for fifth years, had founded the gem because just graduated from the university not long, it was father who started attending the University of University of the Arts, I did not completely on business concept and theory, and even the cost of no concept, I still feel like a shop to earn money, but do not know a lot of cost for many years the stalls, cash is not just the income of countless.

ask a lot of peers and predecessors just open a shop, but also to find a sister together, at the time that he prepared, quite understand to open the industry, there are also several years of relevant working experience, plus years of joint activities in the case of marketing experience, should have considerable entrepreneurial ability, and sister together, two people do not feel what it costs, the blood rushed, unexpectedly after the shop opened completely as their own imagination, endless sad and tragic history of entrepreneurial idiot ah!

entrepreneurship must be prepared

entrepreneurship is to fix the road, step in before you must be ready. If you want to start or simply because they could not find a job with the idea of entrepreneurship, I suggest you should accumulate social experience and professional skills, you can start planning, looking for related industries, such as professional funds are in place, there is a considerable social experience, and then began to prepare more entrepreneurial effort.

entrepreneurship is not only ambition is enough, but not enough funds to ensure the success of entrepreneurship. Today, the fierce competition in the market, the industry is very complex, want to get the success of the business needs to have a more comprehensive understanding. So, if you decide to start a business, what kind of age are you in?

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