perfume by modern people, whether men or women, are beginning to focus on the industry. If you want to find the right perfume, you still need to go to the perfume store. In order to be able to provide consumers with better services, operators how to do a good job? This is the focus of business needs attention.

1. meet the customer.

2. customers for a long time, focusing on the reception of the one or two, but also to greet other customers. On the reception of one or two customers, you can send some perfume sample to other customers try to smell incense paper, these small meaning will make them stay in your perfume store counter, and may make a single additional business.

3. guide customers to choose perfume, ask customers some questions:

Male and female

4. some customers are very assertive, like to try their own smell. Perfume to join, but you still need expert, when customers can also give him some advice, to observe the customer when smelling the perfume of expression and action, determine what kind of customers love perfume, and then recommended.

5. try not to let your customers try to smell more than 3 perfume. The nose smell sensitivity is limited, too much will affect the sensitivity, so that it is hard to do. Understand the customer situation, the focus of the recommendation 2-3 perfume, improve the success rate of sales.

6. said that if customers love a perfume, but did not make the decision to buy, you put the perfume on the customer or sprayed on the wrist, try to let customers away and suggestions on incense paper and put it in the bag. The drawer, customers are advised to take the time to experience the fragrance incense head tail.

7. perfume stores sales staff, decent manners of speech, regardless of whether the customer purchase, should be civilized hospitality, polite visitor, there may be the next time she will become buyers.

8. perfume store operators familiar with the product and related knowledge, when the customer’s good staff.

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