in the catering industry in Chinese said that although the fast food market share is mainly provided by the Chinese fast food brand, but really can do to KFC, McDonald’s world-class food giant project is very few. Although many companies have issued to create "China heroic utterance McDonald’s, KFC, but more Kevin already with business failures and vanished: Red Sorghum planted, A De duck off, Ronghua chicken withdrawal, Chinese fast-food staged a tragedy" fought out next ".

now, there is a company raised the banner of challenge. On November 1, 2007, vice president of Sequoia Capital Chinese dollars more, Heiner Asian venture capital is responsible for signing the Chongqing Gong very rural base, jointly funded $20 million (about 150 million yuan), to make the rural base the first brand of Chinese fast food, and plans listed on overseas packaging. Two strong winds do not participate in the daily operation of the rural base, the main task is to make the management of rural infrastructure more international, standardized, fine, large-scale, the purpose is to do China’s McDonald’s

rural based fast food is established since 1996, rural base with good quality, nineteen years to ensure high quality service and comfortable and elegant environment in the fast food market has a strong customer base, become our most popular place to eat is one of; shopping malls and department stores of the best supporting projects, to provide customers with consistent from beginning to end with fragrant taste of fast food Steamed Rice chongqing. As of the end of 2014, the village has a straight chain restaurant has more than 340, located in Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Xi’an, Yunnan, Hunan, and other places. Rural base in 2010 to receive more than 61 million passengers, in 2013 to receive more than 120 million passengers, becoming the highest share of the southwest market fast food brands.

as Chinese Steamed Rice fast leader, adhere to the rural base chain form + Standard + central distribution and other ways to ensure the quality of products and services to achieve the best state. In the food safety management, the village based on each raw material has traceability identity, each kind of raw materials are required to go through the laboratory strict inspection management system. In 2009, the village was designated by the Ministry of Commerce of Chongqing as "sunshine breakfast" project demonstration point, to provide nutrition and health for the people of Chongqing breakfast food.

rural cooperative conditions:

1, recognition and acceptance of rural based management and corporate culture, willing to work with rural long-term cooperation.

2, able to provide in Guizhou, Yunnan, the city’s main shopping district, the area of 200-300 square meters, with the opening of the basic conditions of the restaurant property.

3, with a good economic foundation, to ensure adequate cooperation funds namely

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