according to the Qinghai Provincial Commission of economy and information technology development of small and medium sized Enterprises Bureau data show that, according to incomplete statistics, the first quarter of this year, the province of small and micro enterprises in 13 thousand and 800 new jobs, drive employment to increase income 105 million yuan. In the promotion of precision poverty alleviation, driven by poor people’s employment, entrepreneurship and income, the role of small and micro enterprises is particularly evident.

, my two old man is a joint disease, medication need to spend money to see a doctor, the child also need to take care of the school, the family can not do without people, I can not go out to work. Now I’m in the village of raspberry villa weeding, watering, can not only take care of the elderly and children, also can earn 20 thousand yuan a year." Yan Shengfang, who lives in the village of Huangyuan County before the village is now Qinghai bramble agricultural industrialization Co., Ltd. employees, compared to the good people in the past sent rice, noodles and other condolences, Yan Shengfang more emphasis on the work. She said: "the raspberry company was established in our village cooperatives, provide free seedlings and technology allows us to grow, we can earn money at the base, a stable income for our family of great help."

according to the Provincial Bureau of statistics released in 2013 economic census data show that a total of 17332 small and micro enterprises in the province of legal entities, accounting for about 99.7% of the total number of corporate legal persons in the province of. Small and micro enterprise legal entities employing 528 thousand and 400 people, accounting for all of the company’s corporate employees of 73.9%, indicating that the province’s small and micro enterprises in promoting employment and entrepreneurship in the positive role.

in this regard, Chen Zhizhong deputy director of the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission introduced, in promote accurate poverty alleviation work, we will actively cultivate thousands of families of small and micro enterprises, through the support of some of the characteristics of ethnic minority areas, poor areas of industry, the industry with employment, employment to promote income, so that poor people to accelerate the pace of poverty reduction. At the same time, in addition to the three focus on the development of Industrial Park, in the southern area of Qinghai Lake area, consider the establishment of special industrial park or business park, development characteristics and advantages of the industry and handicraft industry, promote the development of deep processing of agricultural and livestock products and agricultural and pastoral areas of the service industry, to further expand herdsmen channel.


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