how to create a brand of their own, perhaps we have thought about this issue, but can really do a few? How can I get the life you want to have it, look at the following 80 is how to start it.

have not studied fashion design, just because of interest. Ruojia Huang never really learned to make clothes, clothing design, is a kind of interest. "I don’t know why, I’ve always liked sewing." Huang Ruojia said that in 2008 when the wedding dress up a new house. Sold outside the curtain not into her eyes, then spent 10000 yuan to buy a sewing machine, spend 3 days to finish the curtain of the family.


"I is an action." Huang Ruojia said, she is very love Chinese cultural things, first make clothes, she made a similar cheongsam cambric texture of the clothes, the cloth is Yunnan travel all the way back, a very subtle red. This dress cost her 2 days back, with two pieces of treasure of old embroidery. When a friend to see, ask where to buy, I heard that she did it, we all feel some incredible. Slowly, more and more people are looking for her to help design clothes. Now, her clothes in a big shopping mall in Chengdu and chongqing.

If Jia and her husband are met when playing rock band, two people are very loving life. Leisure time, they often go to travel around the country, especially the rich ethnic culture, every one, Huang Ruojia will collect the special cloth and trinkets, and fun back garment made of small pendants, used to dress up their own and decorate their houses. They have a dog named "meat", "sometimes it can also bring inspiration to me."

2009 years, Huang Ruojia in Taobao opened a clothing store. "Pure interest extension." Huang Ruojia named his clothes "mud", reflecting a natural, simple and personality. Online clothing model, that is, Huang Ruojia and her husband, as well as a few friends, and buyers, mostly white-collar workers across the country. Some time ago, Chongqing and Chengdu, two well-known original brand chain stores to find her, want to sell her brand clothing, and now, her clothes into the big shopping malls in Chongqing and Chengdu.

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