since the implementation of zero plus drug pilot work, Huangyuan has accumulated to allow patients to make 7 million 745 thousand yuan, effectively reducing the burden on the masses of medical expenses.

it is understood that Huangyuan county has always been to safeguard people’s health rights and interests in the first place, adhere to the public nature of public hospitals, to further promote institutional innovation, break in yaobu, implement medical separation, perfect compensation mechanism, accelerate the establishment of a modern hospital management system, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the medical staff, ensuring people’s basic medical service demand, effectively alleviate the difficult and expensive problem. Only in 2012, the county under the jurisdiction of three medical institutions in the county, township, village, the full implementation of the basic drug and State Drug zero sales slip system, drug prices by an average of 49%, the move has greatly reduced the people’s burden of medical costs, so that patients get the real benefit.

according to the Huangyuan County People’s Hospital, the person in charge, since December 2011, the abolition of the hospital disposable medical supplies general basic drugs and non essential drugs, the addition, implementation of zero profit drug sales, drug zero sales slip after reduction by the financial subsidies. (by Han Yongsheng)


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