In order to further strengthen the province’s real estate market management, standardize the real estate development, real estate activities maintain the lawful rights and interests of the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction to develop "management measures" Qinghai Province real estate development business, is within the scope of the province’s real estate development business on inhibition, the approach has been implemented in July 1st.

no qualification unpaid capital can not start building the "measures" clearly, without obtaining the unit and individual real estate development qualification certificate shall not engage in real estate development, any unit and individual shall develop in accordance with the law did not obtain the state-owned construction land use right of land, development projects should be in accordance with the law of deposit capital projects. Failing to deposit or deposit capital in accordance with the provisions of the project shall not start construction. The project shall comply with the overall land use plan, the annual construction land plan, and strictly implement the urban and rural planning. Development enterprises shall not arbitrarily change the planning conditions and approved the district planning and the project is strictly prohibited to non qualified units or individuals.

pre-sale permit shall not be sold directly or in disguised form to the real estate development enterprises to the price of the regulatory authorities for the record price of the sale price, not to exceed the record price of commercial housing sales. If it is necessary to adjust the selling price or the price of the sale is lower than 15%, the record shall be filed before the price adjustment. Obtain a business license and qualification certificate, paid the price and access to state-owned land use rights, access to construction project planning permits and other qualified projects, the relevant competent authorities can apply for pre-sale permit. Pre-sale permits shall not directly sell or subscribe to internal identification chips, organizations in the form of group purchase sale of commercial housing, shall not charge buyers deposit, deposit or purchase intention to gold and other forms.

shall not be tying compulsory service fees and without the commercial housing sales contracts, real estate development enterprises shall be as the subject matter of the contract re sale of commercial housing to others; shall not violate the price filing system for the sale of commercial housing; shall not be contrary to the wishes of buyers tying of other goods, forced or disguised forced service fee etc..

development and management to prevent the price of illegal real estate development enterprises shall not collude with each other through agreements, decisions or other concerted actions, determined to change the price, limit the sale of number of houses, property hoarding and interception by hoarding, the contract price premium fees etc..


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