With the Xining city to create a national civilized city evaluation welcome inspection work entered the final stage, the city’s various regions, departments have flashed trick, guide the public civilization law, road traffic environment to create a smooth and orderly, safe and civilized, all-weather for city environment, improve public awareness and participation rate…… The city’s top and bottom can be described as an unprecedented scale.

orderly traffic, is the evaluation of a city one of the items will be seized, and its direct impact on the Xining City, a city of the evaluation results. Not allowed to hit the city to ensure that the Xining police department, full road, day and night, with a passion for work and tough work spirit to overcome when the rain and sunshine weather stick in their respective positions. They are located in the city’s main roads around the campus, to divert traffic, persuasion uncivilized traffic behavior. In order to improve the traffic, traffic police, traffic wardens, traffic civilization volunteers "three-in-one" civilized traffic management mechanism, dispatched a patrol car patrolling the main road in the city, and strive to achieve "seamless docking, point line combination and full space coverage, ensure a city welcome inspection work carried out smoothly.

widely create public opinion atmosphere, the city next to strengthen publicity and guidance, all localities and departments issued "reminder" to the public, to guide the public law civilization. The urban management department, law enforcement officers in the high streets and back lanes street shops, conduct propaganda and persuasion, let business users consciously safeguard the front environment clean, do not mess, not lane".

a city volunteers civilization exhortation

exposed for a city to work in a city, the city all the volunteers to go deep into the community, building homes, bus stations, traffic, tourist attractions to carry out the activities of civilization exhortation.

60 elderly, students and cadres…… A city volunteer at the grass-roots level, the family home into propaganda, propaganda, discussion and other forms, improve the awareness rate of a city, make known to every family, in the city to carry out the order of All the world knows.; environmental campaigns focused on the streets, the community in accordance with the principle of territorial management, mobilize residents to focus on environmental clean-up, clean-up, beautify yourself home round.  

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