9 27 afternoon, national painting and Calligraphy Association, 21 painter in Chinese a pro concentric build Chinese dream "as the theme of national unity and progress of a series of activities to carry out propaganda of Qinghai National University of national painting and calligraphy pen into the campus.


event, each painter huihaopomo, scene creation. The majority of teachers and students interested in painting and calligraphy to stop watching, learning experience. Creative activity lasted three hours, painting style, exudes the scent of ink painting and calligraphy works was born in the artist’s pen, school teachers and students of calligraphy and hobbies. The event, calligraphy and painting are focused on the creation of a number of paintings and calligraphy works.

Qinghai University for Nationalities painting pen into the campus activities since 2005, so far have been held for 12 years, had a positive role in boosting the creation of the work of the school of national unity and progress.


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