in the first quarter of this year, the province’s three industrial added value accounted for the proportion of GDP 3.7:42.5:53.8, more than half of the proportion of the third industry. At the same time, the second industry, the proportion of equipment manufacturing and high-tech industries, new industries force, light industrial growth picked up, the industrial structure tends to optimize the effectiveness of the new and old kinetic energy conversion.

announced the Provincial Bureau of statistics data show that a quarter of Qinghai’s third industry growth of 8.8%, the proportion is 11.3 percentage points higher than the second industry, the contribution rate of economic growth continues to improve, to realize the coordinated development of the three industry, one or two. In the third industry, finance, tourism and other modern service industry to accelerate the development of the telecommunications business grew by a total of 40%, the financial sector added value of $7 billion 165 million, an increase of 20.6%, stimulating the growth of the industry by 5.6 percentage points.

this year, the province to deepen the structural reform of the supply side, reshaping the new advantages of industrial development, the breakdown of the five traditional industries, the top five strategic emerging industries and new formats. Through the transformation and upgrading of traditional kinetic energy, in the electrolytic aluminum, iron and steel, ferroalloy and other industries to carry out technical benchmarking, the province’s further reduction of energy consumption of electrolytic aluminum, electrolytic aluminum in situ conversion rate of 80%. China Aluminum Qinghai branch through the production of aluminum alloy as an important way to improve quality and efficiency, innovation and development, and strive to make 70% of the original aluminum alloy products, promote the transformation and upgrading of products. In addition, the province’s compressed steel production capacity of 500 thousand tons, shutting down the first batch of the liquidation of the "zombie enterprise", in order to cultivate new kinetic energy to make room for the 18.

at the same time, with the storage battery, rare earth lithium batteries, Gao Yuanfeng machine manufacturing, ecological engineering materials and a number of emerging strategic projects to accelerate, Qinghai lithium industry 10 thousand tons of lithium carbonate production equipment production standards, electronic grade polysilicon, sapphire, LED, fiber materials, electronic information manufacturing industry has become a new economic growth point, a new kinetic energy on the growth momentum weakened the traditional offset has played an important role.

optical fiber preform and optical fiber from the second half of last year prices have been rising, plus FTTH, networking, etc. Internet plus from the market demand, product demand. The first quarter of this year, we completed the output value of 35 million yuan, sales revenue of $25 million, an increase of 44%." Qinghai Zhongli Optical Fiber Technology Co., ltd..

data show that in the first quarter, the province’s manufacturing, high-tech industries, light industry to maintain rapid growth. The province’s above scale light industrial added value grew by 10.1%, accounting for the proportion of above scale industrial added value of 18.6%. Equipment industrial added value grew by 22.9%, accounting for more than the scale of industrial added value of 5.2%. High-tech industry grew by 7.3%, accounting for more than the scale of industrial added value of 6.1%. March month, polycrystalline silicon, aluminum production in the month of March, an increase of 190%, respectively, the growth rate of industrial added value on the growth rate of more than 3.5 percentage points last month on the regulation of the growth rate of more than 144%.

addition, the province’s new energy generating capacity reached 2 billion 298 million kwh in the first quarter;

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