After the recent transformation of the north gate of the small garden open to the public, and its clean and fresh appearance we like. However, the fly in the ointment is not set up a small litter bins, I suggest the establishment of a few." People call Mr. Luo said.

5 14 morning, the reporter went to the north gate of the small garden. The garden basically renovated, still a few workers are still dressing tiles. In the small bridges North Spring drainage formed edge, white tiles arranged, multi piece of green well-proportioned distribution, transparent green barrier design beside the delicate, about 1 meters high and a variety of pine flower shrubs silhouetted against each other, the flower, a stone and wood are endowed with unique charm. Most visitors to the bright spot is that the small garden that is about 30 meters of colored grass green pieces, simple, atmospheric, for the entire small garden adds a modern flavor. At the same time, the park also added a new seat to facilitate visitors to rest.

, however, the reporter observed in detail, but did not see a regular trash, only a simple iron box on the roadside. During the interview, the public Ms. Su said: garbage thrown away, it is not civilized, can carry a walk is also very embarrassing ah!" Mr. Luo said: "such a beautiful small garden, if there is no trash, for a long time, green space, trails will be thrown on beverage bottles, cigarette and garbage, beautiful environment destruction, it is a pity, hoping to increase the trash."

on the issue of trash, the reporter interviewed the city Department in charge of the garden. The competent departments of the municipal garden relevant responsible person told the reporter that the north spring is to further improve the transformation of small garden, garden in accordance with the plan will set up a number of bins, these two days will be installed, more convenient to the public garden.


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