1 17 and 18, 2009, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Jianjun attended the meeting of the provincial people’s Congress of the six session of the, the Hainan delegation. He pointed out that Hainan should be put forward according to the Hercynian, wangguosheng Secretary of the "four major solid" requirements are implemented, the province’s economic and social development and make new contribution to the effort to build Qinghai Lake eco cultural tourism circle, Hainan to promote sound and rapid economic and social development requirements, to further deepen the understanding of the situation in advance, as, let the beautiful blueprint into reality.


review, Wen Guodong, Meng Hai, Mo Zhongming, Zhang Wenkui, Li Tingxiang, Dromazo, ANN, Huadan wood pull, Dong Jinhua has representatives on project investment, park economy, industrial restructuring, environmental protection, urban and rural areas, improve the livelihood of the people made a statement. Wang Jianjun listened to the side, and the delegates discussed. He fully affirmed the Hercynian, Hainan economic and social development achievements.

in the delegation, Wang Jianjun pointed out that the west is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, correctly handle the relationship between the active protection and passive protection, should adhere to the ecological conservation priorities, but also through the recycling of resources, to promote green development. Correctly handle the relationship between the two business and sustainable development, the two venture is in an important stage, the investment today is tomorrow’s wealth, to the absolute advantage of the industrial layout of the future, supporting good positioning and lay a solid foundation for sustainable development. Correctly handle the relationship between resource value and capital market, the resources and capital combine to highlight the main industry of resource-based enterprises, promote mergers and acquisitions, fostering the growth of a number of Everfount helps to provide the capital of listed companies for the Hercynian development, efforts to expand the effective supply.

to deal with the relationship between the national unity and social harmony, the division adjustment and opportunity in the development of urban and rural integration, promote social harmony and stability on new achievements. Keep up with the correct treatment and have a good relationship, not only to have ideals and beliefs, not fantasy, but also have the spirit and passion, in the state, in the face of difficulties, strengthen confidence, the development prospects of Hercynian will become increasingly broad.

in the Hainan delegation, Wang Jianjun pointed out, standing at a new starting point, Hainan should adhere to the development of a unified theory and development stage theory, out of Hainan to see Hainan, based on the overall situation of Hainan, carry forward the "jump" of the spirit, in the premise of ecological protection as a priority, to ensure that the economy maintained at a reasonable interval, strive for better results. By the time the person should continue to promote the transformation of the mode of production, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, bigger production, excellent stage, strong three production, especially to build a good tourism brand, let more people into the Hainan, Hainan, Hainan to understand, to the ecological resource advantage into economic advantage. To promote poverty alleviation, consolidate the Tongde special type, Xing Hainan three Department of rural poverty, not to fall off the road in a poor people. Continue to deepen the counterpart support work in Jiangsu, effectively manage the good use of funds, the use of good education, personnel, medical, health and other aspects of the quality of resources for the benefit of all ethnic groups.


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