"Government work report" pointed out that the "13th Five-Year" period, to deepen reform and opening up, the development of a new system of construction. Development depends on reform and opening up. Must deepen reform, uphold and improve the basic economic system, the establishment of a modern property rights system, the basic completion of the rule of law government, make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better play the role of government, accelerate the formation mechanism and the development of leading the new normal economic development. "The Belt and Road construction made significant progress in international cooperation to achieve new breakthroughs in production capacity. Foreign trade to excellent into excellent out of the transformation, the proportion of service trade significantly improved, from a large trading country to trade power. Full implementation of the national treatment before admission and negative list management system, and gradually build a high standard free trade area network, the basic formation of an open economy new system and new pattern.

  a member of the CPPCC National Committee Zhang Zhouping said, "The Belt and Road" strategy put forward, along the provinces and territories and county towns all seize the opportunity. Qinghai in the "The Belt and Road" has an important geographical and regional advantages of the provinces, the ecological barrier is also stepping up to take advantage of its rich mineral resources, improve the transportation network, a diverse and inclusive culture in mind, important, Silk Road Economic Belt on key areas, focusing on the market for docking. Coordination and Chinese some provinces, promoting the depth of integration, I believe that with the Qinghai "circle of friends" continues to expand, the world will listen to more voices from Qinghai.

National People’s Congress worship the flower show that tourism is an open, comprehensive industry, has a unique advantage in the first League first. "The Belt and Road" national strategy. Qinghai is rich in tourism resources, under the concept of ecological protection, after years of exploration and practice, Qinghai has a global, landscape display of tourism development capital. We should be based on the ecological beauty, strengthen cultural tourism integration, vigorously develop the tourism industry, to actively participate in the "green ecological advantages The Belt and Road".

National People’s Congress, said Li Xiaosong, Qinghai is located in the hinterland of China, neither coastal nor River, the low level of openness and economic openness is not high has been the biggest constraint on the development of short board. In order to realize the rapid development of foreign trade of Qinghai, must through the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, promote comprehensive and open cooperation between Qinghai and Central Asian countries, to expand the breadth and depth of opening up in Qinghai, and actively implement the measures of trade facilitation reform, the overall operation of caojiabao bonded logistics center, opened to international freight routes.

is a member of the CPPCC National Committee Hong Wei said, open development is the advanced idea of accurately grasp the trend of international and domestic development, with globalization and multi polarization trend of the times, but also for enterprises to go to expand the space for development provides an opportunity. "13th Five-Year" period, we should firmly establish and implement the open concept of development, and unswervingly follow the development path of opening up, attracting talent, high-end industry, promote the upgrading of the industrial structure, actively integrate into the "The Belt and Road" construction, accelerate the pace of regional industrial cooperation, focus on the development of open economy of higher level, extensive construction the interests of the community.


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