Joe boss, maybe we punish you, you feel a little uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter. We can sit down and talk……" April 2nd, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau of health supervision in the reception room, supervisors are talking to a restaurant owner.

some people may not understand, how to punish the rectification of things to discuss? In fact, this is the Xining Municipal Health Bureau of health supervision and Law Enforcement between the supervisors put up a bridge of communication – interview system. The purpose is to make the law innovation way of law enforcement, so as to enhance the consciousness of supervisors, laws and regulations and ideas, improve the health supervision efficiency, change the law enforcement in the existing door check, check and go, go, punishment, punishment escrow, law enforcement and punishment for the simple phenomenon, let the parties understand the where and how the rectification. Sufficient communication can eliminate the conflict of administrative punishment.

it is understood that the health supervision and law enforcement officers in accordance with the laws and regulations, carry out supervision and inspection, to cause greater social impact of the case and the host health supervisors need to interview the case, law enforcement officers offer the interview. (author: young Li)


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