days ago, the provincial government forwarded by the Department of justice "on accelerating the views of the public legal service system". This is an important measure to comprehensively promote the rule of law and the rule of law in our province, is an important part of accelerating the equalization of basic public services.

in recent years, the provincial government attaches great importance to the construction of public legal service system, to take a series of measures to promote the orderly development of the province’s public legal services, and achieved remarkable results. The "opinions" of the introduction, for continuously improving the urban and rural public legal service network, effective integration of public legal services resources, improve public legal service ability and level, accelerate the construction of urban and rural, in line with the province, reasonable structure, excellent service, orderly, and benefit all public legal service system, maintaining social harmony and stability, promote social fairness and justice, safeguard the people’s live and work in peace, has very important significance for promoting peace in Qinghai, Qinghai under the rule of law and the construction of "three areas" public to provide quality and efficient legal services.

the "opinions" clear the main task of accelerating the construction of public legal service system in our province: to provide legal literacy education and the development of cultural activities for all people; carrying out public welfare legal adviser, legal consultation, defense agency, notary, forensic and other legal services; the parties to provide legal aid for the economic difficulties and special cases; prevention and to resolve civil disputes mediation; special groups of legal services. The implementation of the "three project", the implementation of the rule of law education to promote civil engineering, the concept of the rule of law; rule of law to promote the implementation of project to benefit the people, legal services covering both urban and rural areas; the implementation of projects that benefit the rule of law, promoting legal aid should make aid.

put forward the "opinions", the construction of county and township (town), our province village (community) three levels of legal service platform, to promote the online legal services hall construction, strengthen the legal service team construction, improve the public legal service standards, to increase financial support. In 2016, part of the city (state), county (city, district) first pilot, in 2017, the province comprehensively implement the construction of public legal service system to 2020, initially built by the government led, judicial and administrative departments, related departments and social coordination "of urban and rural, high-quality and equal public legal service system.


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