in 2013, Xining customs adhere to the quality of tax collection simultaneously, to achieve substantial growth in tax revenue. According to statistics, the annual tax revenue 244 million yuan, an increase of 45.12%. Among them: customs warehousing 50 million 120 thousand and 800 yuan, an increase of 183.32%; import link tax storage of $193 million 686 thousand and 700, an increase of 28.85%.

in order to maintain steady growth in revenue, Xining customs around the "three zone" construction, and constantly improve the comprehensive tax administration mechanism, on the one hand to strengthen the real-time monitoring of customs tax, tax and tax status accurately grasp the progress, strengthen the source of control; on the one hand, tax relief policy support, relying on project driven, new sources of conservation. The clearance also make full use of the 12360 hotline, the initiative to promote policies and regulations to guide and help enterprises make full use of tax incentives. At the same time tracking key projects of key enterprises to promote the customs clearance process, pre classification, pre examination and pre determine the origin, to provide on-site inspection to facilitate customs clearance, customs clearance services to optimize the soft environment".


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