9 4, the · of the Chinese nation of, Qinghai international traditional archery elite in the grand opening of the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan.

this event by the Chinese Archery Association, the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, the Qinghai Provincial Ethnic Affairs Commission, the Hainan people’s government, the Qinghai provincial sports federation. Events, adhere to international standardization, national and traditional organic unity, 950 players from 23 countries and regions, 121 teams will compete, bow and arrow, which is bound to the inheritance of folk culture and promote the plateau archery culture of sports and tourism have a positive impact on fusion depth. In the event of "inheritance, characteristic, innovation and development" as the theme, to adhere to the principle of protecting ecological philosophy as a guide, relying on national sports culture resources of rich county, efforts to build local independent national traditional archery brand competition, promote the sports and sports industry sustainable and healthy development.

it is understood that the province has a long history of archery, the province is currently the number of people participating in the National Archery nearly 200 thousand, more than one million people love archery. Gonghe County has a broad mass base and profound cultural heritage. In recent years, the Republic of China has made great efforts to promote the great development and prosperity of culture, and achieved the goal of carrying forward the national traditional culture and promoting the common development of society and economy. Gonghe County also will focus on the tournament to become more influential and plateau minority sports culture brand, become the bridge connecting the world, become to promote local cultural prosperity and development of the new platform and new carrier.


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