days ago, in the Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League Youth activist at the national "Gang" outstanding unit award ceremony in Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau branch of the city by the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the central comprehensive management office and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly awarded the "Youth Rights Kong outstanding units honorary title. This is the Bureau since 2005 was named the Provincial Outstanding Youth Rights Kong after another honor.

in recent years, the city industrial and commercial bureau in the "create outstanding youth rights Kong" activities, focus on youth consumption characteristics, develop special rectification program, strengthen market inspections, through the second class, to observe the inspection crackdown, the establishment of the campus rights Kong and other measures to enhance self-protection consciousness and awareness of youth on the degradation ability, and strive to create a good the learning environment for young people. In the area of 43 communities, 19 schools established a two-way liaison system, employ the obligations of supervisors, liaison with 190, "for tomorrow" as the theme, to carry out special rectification activities 85 times, to 132 illegal business households issued a warning notice, for investigation of various types of illegal case 427 cases, confiscate the "three" and inferior food, pirated books CD-ROM, substandard school supplies more than 1 pieces of fake and shoddy goods, focused on the destruction of 15 categories of more than 60, the value of 160 thousand yuan; rights to carry out into the campus activities 185 times, issuing more than 7 copies of various types of promotional materials, the development of the second classroom lectures 217 hours, accepting to solve adolescent consumer complaints 575, clean up the illegal employment of child labor 65 people; carry out "pay attention to education, helping the disabled activities 21 times, for teachers and students donated more than 5 yuan, help 73 young people to achieve rehabilitation. (reporter Lin Ping)


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