Qinghai news network Wenchuan earthquake over the past eight days, the rescue operation is still being carried out, the aftershocks continue to grab every heart concerned about the disaster area. Donations, donations, sending medical teams, highland children ready to support disaster. May 20th, following the earthquake, medical, telecommunications rescue team after the disaster area, the province and the formation of the earthquake relief project in Qinghai, Sichuan Province, went to Sichuan to carry out earthquake relief work in Aba region.

Li Jin, a rescue team of three companies from

, Luqiao Province, said: "according to the instructions of the provincial government, we are committed to the people in the disaster areas behind us, at any time, we are ready to rush to the front line." 19, after receiving the order, the company immediately organized, adjust equipment, select players. After two screening, from more than 1000 voluntary applicants, the final selection of the 71 rescue team, and the first time to notify the family members. In the shortest possible time, 149 dressed in camouflage engineering rescue team waiting orders, large cranes, trucks lined up.

at 16:30 on May 20th, the Provincial Department of construction hospital, 6 large dump truck is loading. Huzhu Tu Autonomous County driver Lei Caihong eyes full of pride, he said: I can look forward to this day, and would like to go to the disaster line as early as possible, to do a little contribution to the people in the disaster areas." For the difficulties that will be faced, he is very calm, did not think so much, man." From the registration to prepare to start, the time is tight, he did not attend to his wife and children in mutual assistance to say goodbye, and then give them a call after the start, they will be proud of me."

heard that the rescue team will go, the Provincial Department of construction workers have been out of the office, and is affectionately rushed to the disaster Comrades shook hands, I hope they do something for the disaster, the people of Qinghai blessing to the disaster area. At this moment, the Qinghai construction industry engineering and technical experts, professional operators, construction experts have no eyes but it reveals a heroic utterance, eager and confident.

people in the disaster area is our loved ones. May 20th 17, the provincial capital has been a lot of people’s square has been a lot of people, there is no noise, as long as everyone gave a little love……" The song echoed in the square. Rescue team members lined up neatly, surrounded by relatives to come to see off, there are crossing the masses, thousands of people closely around the 149 rescue team members. Thousands of words do not know where to start, look at the disaster area will be rushed to the loved ones, silently watching the men who will go out on the plateau.

rescue team Rongquan Yan mother, sister, niece stood by his closest sister, from time to time to pick up the camera, record the brother go heroic. Sister said: 19 evening, he came home from the site to see his mother, the family watching TV from Wenchuan disaster, but also said that if there is a chance to disaster relief. 20 pm, the family know he has signed up to participate in the rescue team, we all support him."

rescue team, the most striking is to write a tribute to the frontline of the earthquake relief!" Banners, standing in the queue holding flowers;

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