Every child has a dream and wish the afternoon of December 26th, the city’s 20 left-behind children received a community of love units, organizations, people sent a gift wish in the next period, new year’s day, the city’s more than 600 left-behind children will also receive a gift they wish. It is understood that to promote the whole society to care and care of left-behind children, help some left-behind children realize their long cherished wish dream, let them feel the warmth, self-confidence, happy life, since October this year, the municipal Party committee and municipal civilization office, City Education Bureau and the Municipal Women’s Federation in the city within the framework of "micro dream wish you I came to realize" care of left-behind children may round public action, advocating social caring people (units, enterprises, volunteer team) to help children realize the desire of my heart, into a colorful world for them, let them feel the warmth of the community. Since the start of the operation, the city’s total of 622 children were left behind all kinds of micro aspiration. After the early on television, radio, newspapers, websites, WeChat multimedia such as a full range of coverage, the current micro aspiration have been derived from the community of caring people and organizations all claim, the total value of about 6 yuan. The public in the form of micro public welfare, the transmission of social love. In the 26 round of the ceremony will be held on behalf of the community representatives from all walks of life to the scene of the 20 left behind children to send a gift of desire. At the end of the ceremony during the new year, the municipal Party committee and the love of the organization and the people together will be more than and 600 wishes to each left behind children’s hands.  

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