Xining Municipal Committee "urgent government anxious, want teenagers required, as the committee can, as the initiative, through the year to do a few things, add vitality for schools, kindergartens, parents to solve problems for the construction of civilized city, promote the harmonious social foundation.

for a long time, the city of Xining continue to improve the organization, the growing ranks of personnel, and constantly broaden the field of work, innovative methods and measures to care for the next generation of business development. At present, the city’s build committee 1365, network coverage to the rural areas, communities and enterprises, nearly 2300 of the old cadres to play a role in different fields. Cooperate with relevant departments to start education education education project, mobilize the social strength to care for the healthy growth of the next generation of engineering, family, school and society to carry out Thanksgiving education project, more books, read good books, purify the mind, premarital unmarried youth training project, slip youth projects such as the "six save transformation project". (author: Xiao Liu)

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