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along with the temperature gradually rose, the construction project is set to open (complex), to eliminate all kinds of accidents, the Xining municipal construction engineering department is to carry out the construction of open (complex) prior to the project quality, safety and civilized construction inspection work. This reporter learned from the Xining urban and rural planning and Construction Bureau in March 1st.

in March 19th last year, the city of Xining, south of the commercial Lane Hao Hao International Plaza construction site collapse occurred, resulting in the death of 8 construction workers. The cause of the accident is that the relevant responsible person does not take measures to ensure the safety of the workers in the condition that the production safety conditions do not conform to the provisions of the state, resulting in the collapse of the foundation pit. It is understood that before the accident, the temperature rise in Xining, soil thawing, soil loosening. In order to eliminate all kinds of accidents, from 2009 "3· 19" accident, from February 22nd onwards, Xining City Construction Bureau and four District Construction Bureau Inspection Group in deep foundation pit, the main construction, street construction site as the focus, in the context of urban construction projects carried out safety inspection for a period of 5 days. During the inspection, the inspectors to enter the site of the hazard (point), the existence of individual security risks of the construction site, requiring immediate rectification, and comprehensive self-examination before returning to work.

according to reports, at present, Xining City, the temperature gradually rose, construction sites in urban areas have not yet been started, but the site has left behind personnel, construction personnel and construction equipment after the winter holidays, not to enter the normal working state, easily lead to accidents. To this end, the construction sector in Xining will continue in March to the construction site in the city (RE) work to be checked to ensure that the project is open (RE) after the construction industry in Xining stable production situation.

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