March 9th, the municipal government held in 2015 the city’s investment and project construction and development and reform work conference. The meeting conveyed to learn the key projects in the province in 2015 working conference, the city informed the 2015 key construction project preliminary arrangements, clear work objectives, refine the division of responsibilities, arrangements for this year’s development and reform priorities. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. It is reported that
the main comprehensive treatment project of Beichuan River in forestry and water conservancy projects (water into the city), in a project, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau modern forestry science and technology demonstration area of beautiful garden, three north-south mountain green period, rural affordable housing projects, to be relocated.
main project Wanda Plaza, wells Lane Business District, Xining green center, north automobile trade service center, south of the modern service area, a small and medium business park R & D center and service industry gathering area in trade circulation.
mainly Huangyuan Dahua Reservoir, comprehensive management, Huangshui River north and south mountain three greening projects in ecological and environmental protection.
in industrial projects are mainly environmental protection science and Technology Industrial Park, the Yellow River Small and micro businesses business base, Tibetan new product transformation, storage batteries and other projects.
main key area renovation projects of public rental housing, renovation, city and state-owned mining shanty town Dongguan mosque surrounding district reconstruction in real estate development.

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