May 21st, reporters from the city migrant children care fifth joint meeting was informed that the city will strengthen the ideological and moral construction, the construction of care service positions, to carry out care activities and improve the work mechanism of four migrant children health care. It is reported that the city will be
, to grasp the position and help to catch catch activities, grab publicity "as the main line, to be a moral person" as the theme, to strengthen the "migrant children demonstration house" as the key to the "real love mom" twinning activities as the carrier actively explore the education, management, protection and service work of the new mechanism and new mode, promote the migrant children healthy growth. From four aspects of specific care migrant children: focus on strengthening the ideological and moral construction, to cultivate and practice the socialist core values as the theme, through Thanksgiving education form, strengthen friendly, filial piety, integrity and other traditional virtue education; focus on building care service positions, the "migrant children demonstration of home care activities as the position. Through the creation of" half past four classroom "and other activities, giving play to the role of good migrant children’s home; to organize care activities, mainly to carry out family agency action, hand knot action, psychological comfort, safety and prevention action action, poverty alleviation action; efforts to improve the work mechanism, establish a working system, increase investment in people and property and things, work together to build a caring system, uniting love together, actively promote the city migrant children work .

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