11 month 3 days to 4 days, School of administration of Qinghai Province branch of the Xining Municipal Urban Management Bureau organized second law enforcement personnel training, the training focused on learning the "People’s Republic of China administrative law enforcement", the thirteen Party Congress spirit, to further improve the quality of law enforcement officers, strengthen the team construction. From the city’s urban management system, 50 students participated in the training.

as a key training content "People’s Republic of China administrative law enforcement", is an important law of government behavior in our country and a standard, the implementation of it for the protection and supervision of administrative organs strictly perform their duties according to law, improve administrative efficiency, to safeguard public interests and social order, has important significance for the protection of citizens, legal persons and other organizations the legitimate rights and interests. The Party committee of the Communist Party of China, Mr. Wen Wei, made an in-depth and detailed interpretation of the legislative purpose, the principles of setting and implementing and the important provisions of the administrative compulsory law. All trainees listen carefully, think hard, have a relatively clear understanding clear on how to exercise the power of administrative enforcement etc..

training courses also focus on learning the spirit of the thirteen Party Congress, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal policy research director Comrade Ma Guozhen interprets Wang Jianjun Secretary of the report for the students, we again through learning, to further improve the understanding of the spirit of the report, the report will have pledged to implement the spirit, contribute to the grand blueprint of Xining "12th Five-Year" construction.

city administrative law enforcement bureau each year through the organization of law enforcement training, carry out the "season test" activities, regular topics and other forms of learning, continue to strengthen the authority of team construction, improve the theoretical and professional level, effectively promote the creation of learning party organization.



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