Faint fragrance floating in the streets of the city, the streets of Xining, a clove to make the streets more beautiful. The reporter learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, this year, the public can see the Mancheng lilac scene, with nearly two years of clove big step to take to the streets and into public green space is inseparable from the previous multi clove "hidden" in College Park, and a courtyard, street on both sides of the clove is people feel by twos and threes, clove flower brings infinite charm Xining.In order to make

"51", Xining will become an ocean of flowers, in addition to clove, jasmine, forsythia, yuyemei, bloom, I also created a number of city street, South Gate Street, West Street, Xinning road and the Yellow River Road, 54 Avenue and other main roads of the city put some flowers, some pot set flower box. At the same time, the city will build more than 20 large potted flower attractions, these attractions are located in the west gate, north gate, Bay Center Plaza, kylin slope, bridge street and other places, some strong sense of three-dimensional, the novelty of the scene will become bright colors in the streets. At present, large potted attractions are also meet with the public.  

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