we often see some of the boss, the customer to buy something when he forgot the money, the boss will be generous that the next time to bring it over, this is the trust of customers. And many customers because of the trust of the boss, which is more loyal to the shop, the shop has become a regular. So, if you want to open a business hot shop, do retail business, also need to be able to trust customers.

the gray sky, cloud pressure is very low, the leaves sway, it seems to rain.

"if it rains, the vegetables should go up again."." After work, I looked out at the sky and thought about what I had to do on my way home.

so, I went straight to a supermarket frequented.

this supermarket is a husband and wife store, the store is not large, clean and tidy shop, reasonable layout of goods, placed in an orderly manner, the species is quite full. The boss is busy, the boss is responsible for the cashier at the door.

I picked out a few vegetables, just going to the cashier’s desk. Then, a man hurried into the outside from the customer.

boss, take two bags of "imperial" smoke."

I haven’t checkout, the customer will The early bird catches.

boss reaction is also very fast, quickly took out two packs of cigarettes from the counter, on the counter.

the customer put his hand into his pocket and hesitated a moment: "boss, I’m sorry, I don’t want this cigarette." Then he turned and walked away.

what’s the matter?" The boss asked.

"out of a hurry, forgot to bring a wallet." Customers are helpless.

"no money, it doesn’t matter, people have a busy forget to forget. You have come to my store several times, the smoke you take the first pumping, the next time you come back is." The boss handed the cigarette to the customer.

"thank you boss, the next time I have to put the money back." The customer took the cigarette and left in a hurry.

I looked a little puzzled, curious to ask: "boss, how do you do this business? And they are not very familiar, dare to smoke on credit to the people?"

boss smiled: I this is a community store, customers are mostly nearby households, head up every day to see. Just like the customer, hurried to show him something, the urgent need to use the smoke. It’s going to rain soon

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