at 14:24 on February 20th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Office Building in front of the door, reporters saw one after another man walked into the office building. Located on the left side of the first floor of the receiving room door was open, the staff will be the office of the newspaper neatly in the newspaper, from time to time someone at the door with a newspaper.

14:30 Xu, Datong County Administrative Service Center approval, all the staff have been to the window. In the traffic service window, a staff member for the masses to deal with the matter, from the town of Huang Jin ready to handle the vehicle two maintenance procedures. In front of the cable, a clerk due to incomplete procedures, the staff told him, with all the necessary documents again. In less than a minute, when he went through the hall, he said to the staff, "thank you."".

14:50, Datong County Social Insurance Administration Office of the new rural cooperative medical service hall, in front of the service window although no work of the masses, but each of the staff of the window are all full of smiles. A female staff cordial greeting to reporters.

hello! Do you have anything?" Subsequently, the reporter found that there are signs in front of each service window, so that the masses at a glance. In the next town medical service hall, although there is no service of the masses, but the reporter did not find a staff member in the newspaper or play computer.

15:10, Qiaotou town government, the reporter knocked on the door of the cooperative medical office, a female staff is binding information. This staff member told reporters that they have a total of two people in the office, another sick leave. Subsequently, the reporter from the town Party Secretary Wang Zhibang confirmed there, co operative medical office that name missing post staff sick leave.

15:30, Bridge police station, the reporter found hanging community police brand office, in addition to two staff, the rest of the desk are no one. In accordance with the instructions provided on the phone and name, the reporter called the community police Zhang Zhiping phone. The phone call, Zhang Zhiping told reporters that the two days the town square on fire tour, he is on duty in the street. Tong Bridge police station director told reporters that these two days, the town square are Shehuo performances, in addition to several office on duty, the rest of the police on duty all the streets. When leaving the bridge police station, saw a few people at the door to ask what, after the reporter asked that they are Datong county Party committee joint inspection team, is to come unannounced visits.

to improve their work style, close the service of the masses, Datong County issued on improving work style, close ties with the masses of the 16 provisions, and strengthen the daily supervision and inspection, the cadres and workers is not strong on the problems of the units and the service window and work discipline criticism, and ordered rectification. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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