This year, the city closely around the municipal government price stability control work arrangements, to take measures to stabilize prices, improve people’s livelihood, by increasing meat reserves, transportation subsidies, the implementation of the government limit zero slip control, strengthen the market price supervision and a series of measures to control prices steady, to ensure that the consumer price index (CPI remain in a reasonable range). June, the city’s consumer price index rose 2.4%, or lower than the province’s average level of 0.4 percentage points from January to June, the cumulative rose by more than 0.4 percentage points lower than the province’s total.

– the supply of cheap vegetable prices fall 10%. This year, the city has increased the intensity of the meat stock storage and transportation, the completion of 112 thousand tons of vegetables transported, transporting cattle, sheep, 159 thousand, to complete the task of living reserves of 2200 tons. In the Qinghai Tibet Plateau distribution center to set up a government reserve vegetable delivery area, set up in 12 key supermarket chain stores parity vegetable sales area, prices fell about 10%, to the public supply of cheap vegetables.

– "food basket" project to improve the self-sufficiency rate. In order to promote agricultural production, increase market supply, improve market supply self-sufficiency rate, speed up the city "food basket" project construction. As of now, to complete the greenhouse base construction of 317 buildings, 4000 buildings completed the barn, the size of farms (District) 37.

the government subsidy limit supply security. During the festival, the government invested a total of 1 million 788 thousand and 400 yuan in two batches by food card docking, direct subsidy limit, in the city’s 12 key 30 supermarket chain stores, 28 agricultural stores parity, 42 vegetables direct car a total of 100 sales outlets, Jiuhuang 4 on the government price ceiling vegetables a total of 368.65 tons, the security, the main festival of fine vegetable supply and price stability.

– 5 new stores parity. Actively carry out the preliminary investigation of 5 new stores, layout, site selection and other preparatory work. At the same time, to strengthen the construction of the 80 parity store tracking, supervision, and play a good farm and sideline products store in the city’s price stability in the important role.

– cheap vegetables direct Che Huimin government. The use of the city’s 42 cheap vegetables train carried out into the community, directly facing the people of the supply of cheap meat, vegetables, eggs and other food, a daily average of more than 30 kinds of organizations, more than 10 tons of vegetables, eggs and other agricultural products, the price is lower than the market retail price of 20%. Up to now, the price of vegetables has been dispatched 7332 vehicles (Times), put vegetables, fruits, 3405 tons.

– continue to implement zero slip control. The 28 main varieties of vegetables mainly markets in urban areas, continuously implement strict classification and grading zero slip control, effectively curb the main varieties of vegetables market prices rise too quickly, to ensure the vegetable prices stable.

– 62 outlets on the government and parity. 62 sales outlets on the 5 categories of 7 varieties of rice oil in the Xining area, which is especially powder, powder, two standard;

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