Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, in order to match the Chuangwei work, Xining police will increase remediation efforts, focus on remediation of the masses for the commercial street pavement promotion noise pollution problems of concern, no commercial shop at the outdoor loudspeakers, a high decibel sound to attract customers.

according to the provisions of the state health model, regional environmental noise average value is less than or equal to 60dB. But in Xining City, noise pollution has become the "stumbling block", news of the people of Xining city noise complaints are still the focus of complaints. In order to solve the serious noise pollution problem of the masses, Xining city police focus on remediation of noise pollution, after renovation, entertainment noise nuisance problems have been effectively curbed, but the masses of business activities in the use of loudspeakers or other loud noise to attract customers, the noise pollution strongly because of the involvement of to multiple departments, has not been fundamentally governance, the next step, Xining police will take effective measures to focus on remediation of noise pollution in the urban areas, the strict examination and approval of business promotional activities, the use of loudspeakers or other loud noise to attract customers from commercial activities, prohibited businesses will be placed outside the horn. Severe punishment timeout operation due to serious noise pollution in entertainment places, focus on remediation in Xining Street random vehicle ban Ming Ming Hao, set up signs in Xining main streets of the city, to strengthen the area mahjong room management, to prevent the occurrence of gambling cases and disturbing events. At the same time, the police want the public to continue to focus on remediation of public security organs noise pollution action, the general public can call 110 to report noise nuisance events.


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