The reporter learned from the Airport Inc in Qinghai, October 26th, Xining airport will perform the winter flight season, this season, will be able to achieve Xining direct flights to Taipei or Bangkok, close to Qinghai people and tropical tourist resort distance. It is understood that this year’s winter flight season from the beginning of October 26th, next year to the end of March 28th, during the 154 days of the winter flight season, Xining airport is expected to flights 12458 sorties, transporting passengers 1 million 290 thousand passengers, compared with last year growth of 14.5% and 12.8% respectively in winter and spring. Is expected to perform 556 sorties per week, the average daily flight of 81 sorties. According to our province passenger Airport Inc in Qinghai in recent years, in this season, a lot of open direct flights to Xining flights travel climate comfort point, period, not only to Sanya, Haikou, Guilin and other famous winter hot destinations, will the new "Xining – Taipei, Xining – Bangkok route, Qinghai one winter travel to provide more choice and convenience. At present, the Xining airport has determined this season flight 51 classes, the total number of routes will reach 42, compared with last year, is expected to add Beijing – Xining, Lhasa – Centre – Xining – Yushu, Guiyang – Xining, Dalian – Hohhot – Xining, Xining – Delingha, Xining – Guilin – Sanya, Xining – Xi’an – Haikou, Haikou – Xining, Xining – Changsha – Taipei, Xining – Bangkok 10 routes. So far, Xining airport navigable city is expected to reach 39, the new Guiyang, Dalian, Hohhot, Guilin, Delingha, central defender, Haikou, Taipei, Bangkok and other navigation points.  

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