clear Fengqing "family agency, the family is the basic cell of the society, and also is the foundation of social harmony and stability." In July 18th the family story into the Huangyuan evening news. This morning, hundreds of listeners to listen to 7 a good story from Chengguan town community in the Junggar Dan City Museum Square, some tourists also therefore stop.

in Organizing Committee Propaganda Department of Huangyuan, Chengguan Town, the community received many to come to registration or recommended to participate in the activities of the family, through careful screening, these stories are community workers and residents in Qinghai folk dance, filial piety, etc. sangouban loved by the masses, rich in infectious performance show. City residents Taiwan community since Yan Xiumei married, and his parents have been living together for over 30 years and his parents never had a red face, her mother was ill in bed, she is busy serving the elderly, until the old man died. Yan Xiumei said, since married here, there is a responsibility, the obligation to hold this house. She used her simple, filial piety and tolerance to warm the family, moved to the neighborhood. Street Community in Xingshan Wei a patriotic and law-abiding, advocating science, courtesy and honesty, with the creation of the moral and exemplary behavior "the most beautiful family sangouban boast about their Wei Xingshan" three generations of a family filial love the old pro, Qinjianchijia, live in the neighborhood of the touching. "To have a harmonious family, to love each other, just like his own daughter, daughter-in-law to treat her as their parents, community residents of West Street as the Zhao Xiuqing family of 10 parents sincerely treat each person. The inheritance of filial piety, Xiangruyimo Wanfeng community residents Chen Chunbang family, diligence, loving father and faithful son, stand together through storm and stress, sincere, good business with a warm family, guarding the true happiness, the interpretation of the profound connotation of harmonious civilization……

touching story attracted hundreds of people around the audience, or because of their excellent performance into applause, because the real life or touch one deeply in the heart and tears, some tourists also stopped, quietly watching the people on the stage of the story. Although the performance on stage is not very professional, but the content of the show is the most touching." Tourists from Shandong Uncle Zhang said, in the form of a story about the family is very attractive, can let more people understand that they are learning how to inherit the family virtue. Huangyuan County propaganda department vice minister Zhang Yongzhong said, the Xining evening news family story is to take these good stories as an example, to promote the Chinese traditional virtues, promote social justice, positive energy transfer.


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