December 17th, reporters from the City Sports Bureau learned that, once a year on New Year’s day race coming, registration work is in like a raging fire in this new year’s day race has three highlights worthy of public attention.

to new year’s day around the city to welcome the new competition into the brand competition, the race team jogging is a spectacle, the provincial, city and district leaders, 2014 National Games medal winners, the national outstanding social sports instructor, national mass sports advanced units and advanced workers, Xining City National Fitness and the stars all walks of life have made outstanding achievements of outstanding individuals in the team before leading the team jogging; delegates from 40 years to participate in the planning, organization, and new year’s race, 40 years sponsored events, media enterprises, enterprises and institutions, social organizations and sports associations, social sports instructors, traditional sports the project team composed of jogging team display sequentially followed, these jogging team can fully display their team features, Combine jogging with acting.


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