Huangzhong County Central group members of the learning years remember learning notes more than twenty thousand words; the "learning plan" and the development of "theory" combination, stimulate innovation force, the development of cultural industry; this year, to carry out the "public forum" activities in Huangzhong County in the county…… In August 6th, the Huangzhong county Party Central Committee (enlarged) learning conference, Professor Bao Pengshan in the end of the lecture.

it is reported that the Huangzhong county Party committee and the central group to focus on learning and personal learning combined approach. Focus on learning and communication, and discuss and speak on a topic. Individual self-study will be based on the actual needs of the work and I read more than 6 outstanding books each year to write more than two research reports, more than 3 learning experience.

this year, Huangzhong county to enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, to create a good social and cultural atmosphere, Huangzhong County launched a "public forum" activities, the county central group learning theory, Party members and cadres training, public education as a whole, people choose close to real life, with the popularity of the content, a series of rich and colorful, enhance public humanities quality, the auditorium has gradually become a "public concern and participation of citizens, citizens enjoy the cultural palace. (author: Mo Qing)

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