In July 2nd, thirteenth Qinghai Lake international road cycling race Xining Gani marble tile naming stage signing ceremony of the sixth session of the Gani marble tile culture festival held in my home city beauty Home Furnishing building materials City, Xining janyi marble tile smooth thirteenth Qinghai Lake international road cycling race first stage (Xining criterium Title). It also provides businesses with promotional products, enhance corporate image, and win-win situation to achieve a great opportunity.

the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, with "green, humane, harmonious" as the theme, "green", which is to fully demonstrate the unique natural scenery of Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, actively promote the concept of low-carbon ecological, environmental protection, healthy and civilized. "Humanity" is to fully reflect the unique ethnic customs, historical implication, multicultural, economic and social development achievements and the prospects of the three provinces (regions) sports cooperation. "Harmony" is to deepen the connotation of "Lake race as national festival", inspire the people to participate in fitness exercise enthusiasm, positive energy transfer of reform and development, national unity and social harmony, enhance the provinces (regions) visibility and reputation. The Gani marble tile title sponsor Lake Race Xining stage, in support of the international level by the high level of competition at the same time, promote environmental health life, sports spirit, the concept of social responsibility "green rare stone rookie guard". But also to promote the rapid development of the race around the lake provides a huge driving force.


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