From 20 onwards, the public officially opened three days a small holiday "mode", many people plan to travel, but I do not know whether the United States "God"? 19, the reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, 20 days to 22 days, the weather in most areas of our province awesome, but there is still a precipitation.

during the Dragon Boat Festival, the province specific forecast: June 20th, Xining, Haidong, Huangnan, southern Hainan, Haibei rain sunny, the rest of the province mainly cloudy to sunny; in June 21st, Yushu showers, the rest of the province cloudy or sunny; in June 22nd, most of the province have a precipitation process.

the precipitation pattern, our province will open from 18 at night, according to meteorological data, the night of June 18th to 19, precipitation weather process in most areas of our province, Yushu, Golog and Hercynian Eastern precipitation in some areas larger. As of 19 May 8, the province has 13 regional automatic station rainfall over 10 mm, the Golog dari County Hong Ke Xiang and Wosai precipitation over 20 mm. Continuous rainfall, the provincial meteorological station at 8:30 on June 19th, in Xining, Haidong, Haibei, Hainan, Huangnan issued the first blue rainstorm warning. At the same time, the provincial land and resources department and the Provincial Meteorological Bureau jointly issued a meteorological risk warning of geological disasters, is expected in June 19th 10 to June 20th 10, the meteorological risk level of geological hazard in the northern Huangnan for the three level, the possibility of geological disasters caused by meteorological factors is large, please pay attention to prevent geological disasters caused by heavy rainfall of local residents.

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