6 8, Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture talent introduction press conference held in Xining. The reporter learned at the press conference, in response to the current economic three overlay new form, since this year, Haixi state, fully implement the central "on deepening the reform of talent development mechanism", unswervingly take the road of talent, and introduced four new talent.

top innovative talent. "13th Five-Year" period, through direct introduction ways (such as work in and founded enterprises) and the introduction of flexible way (such as part-time service, project bidding) and by visiting research, research, study and training, the introduction of the annual training target of about 10 leading talent, about 20 top-notch talent and a outstanding talent, to the end of 2020, attracted a total of about 150 high-end innovative talents cultivation, the formation of breakthrough technologies and emerging industries, the construction of new discipline high-end innovative talents. The introduction of high-level talent while focusing on the training of local talent support, the goal of training around 2000 years to introduce the application of the middle and primary talent.

flexible employment promotion. Mainly around the state key projects, major projects, the advantages of the characteristics of the industry as well as the development of social undertakings to determine the special needs of high-level personnel. Priority to the introduction of the "central contact of the national expert information base" experts, academicians, national "thousand people plan", "people plan" candidates, "national excellent professional and technical personnel", etc.. "13th Five-Year" period, and strive to introduce flexible around 150 high-level talent service Hercynian development.

to carry out the work of the State Council Haixi Talent Award and the west coast of the Qaidam talent intelligence storage pool and collection center construction. Every two years in selected area, state departments and enterprises of each one, 600 thousand yuan reward, for the selection of outstanding talent, talent education and training base construction etc. at the same time, with professional and technical personnel, management personnel of enterprises, outstanding college students as the key object, social network function of affection, nostalgia friendship, "emotional ties and" blood, geography, industry margin, mobilization to attract foreign talents, off the coast of West Nationality to Haixi development.

it was also released in Haixizhou "1+15" evaluation system, aimed at a more comprehensive, objective and impartial assessment of the leadership and leading cadres, leading cadres at all levels of leadership and boost confidence, innovation, the courage to play, to promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development.


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