through the charming grassland, the twelfth Lake race came to Zhangye. Here the Ambilight vitality surging, passionate.

this is the second time into the lake race Zhangye. Lake Race to bring happiness to the people of Zhangye, in all aspects of the full highlights.

population increase is the most obvious change. Around the lake race, some people travel habits, began to slowly change. In the eighth stage of end point Zhangye square in Ganzhou, where high school students told reporters, before he goes to school by bike, storage etc. then feel very inconvenient, not to ride. Last year the lake race came to Zhangye, he has the knowledge and understanding of the update of the sport, so now he is free, and the students ride bikes to play, feel or ride a bike fun and fashionable.

Zhangye District, a bicycle rental shop Zhang boss also told reporters that last year after the lake, he opened a bike rental shop, the results of the business is quite prosperous in. Zhang said the boss, before the young people like to ride a motorcycle ride, but then a lot of guys went to his shop to rent a bike, which is in the lake to Zhangye before the game has never been the case.

Wang Fangtai, vice mayor of the city of Zhangye, told reporters that it is precisely because of the arrival of the lake race, and now all the sports events in Zhangye, bicycle sport is essential to the. Low carbon, environmental protection, convenient bicycles, more and more people are welcome.

the eighth stage on the same day, the reporter saw, many local bike enthusiasts early at the end point, and enthusiastically with the driver photo. Lake Race two into Zhangye, bringing not only the infinite charm of cycling, but also for the local development has brought a powerful boost force, Lake race has become a common festival in Qinghai Province, the people of the two provinces of Gansu.

Wang Fangtai said, by the impact of the lake, Zhangye successfully held a series of sporting events. This year, from June 11th to August 8th, Zhangye will hold millions of people to participate in large-scale outdoor sports festival, including bicycle sports. It can be said that the lake race has become a promotional gold Zhangye gold card, Zhangye to hold such a high level, high level event for glory. Currently, Zhangye is trying to develop livable tourism industry, I believe that by virtue of the lake race this brand, the advantages of tourism in Zhangye golden ring.

Wang Fangtai said that under the Qinghai provincial government attaches great importance to, and now the lake race to do a session than a wonderful. (author: Li young tiger)

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