In order to further improve the city’s township streets Ji (workers) committee secretary level of theory and case work ability, promote clean government and anti-corruption work in depth, from May 26th to 30, Xining City township streets Ji (workers) committee secretary on "charge", which is one of the specific measures of Xining municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision bureau.

it is reported that the training is designed to implement the central and provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres to strengthen the construction of grassroots spirit, the township streets discipline inspection cadres master the basic theory of comprehensive policy handling discipline, understand the basic methods and handling procedures, improve the level of discipline inspection and supervision work, more faithfully practicing the "loyal guards of the party that solemn commitment when the masses close person", and create a new situation in the work of discipline inspection and supervision level. The training class for a period of five days, the participants for the city’s township streets Ji (workers) appoint full-time deputy secretary or discipline committee secretary (work) a total of more than 70 people. The main content of the training is the firm ideal faith achieve great dreams, China case inspection of the basic procedures, complaint handling and case management, how to do the case investigation work, the party construction work, investigating the case of the basic methods and skills and prevention of job-related crimes. Training to take theoretical guidance, expert lectures, typical case analysis, etc., from the policy theory, laws and regulations, case inspection, case hearing, etc..  

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